Intimacy and Relationship Issues

Couples can experience a lack of intimacy. This can occur in the emotional, spiritual or physical categories of the relationship.  When long term patterns of this lack of intimacy/closeness occur,  there can be extreme pain for both people in the relationship.  There are many causes/reasons this can exist.  One paradigm is that of Intimacy Anorexia.  Intimacy Anorexia is defined as "the active withholding of emotional, spiritual, physical intimacy from a spouse or partner".  Sometimes avoidant or anxious attachment styles  get in the way of closeness and relational harmony.  Much of this can be rooted in the past.  Family of origin, trauma, addiction and past relational wounds are all potential causes of intimacy issues. 

Steps to take for treating intimacy issues begin with:

•    Relationship Counseling: Healthy relationships require strong connections and time to build trust. Whatever the issue may be, a counselor can         work with individuals together or separate to overcome the problem.  It is important to engage with a counselor/coach who has specialized               training in this area. 

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